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We are excited about the opportunity to assist you in your design needs for ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment selection, Manual D duct design, HVAC & plumbing/gas design. Our high rate of referrals and repeat clients demonstrates our commitment to a high standard of design and customer satisfaction. Our repeat clients routinely let us know how smoothly the HVAC & plumbing portions of their projects went.
Enser Consulting, LLC was founded in 2007 by Mark Enser, with the following goals:
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Clear & concise HVAC & plumbing/gas design drawings
  • Comfortable homeowners & occupants
Mark Enser, PE has over 20 years of experience in residential & commercial HVAC & plumbing/gas design. All systems are designed with energy-efficiency and the end-user's comfort in mind. Mark has designed thousands of residential HVAC systems using the ACCA Manual J load calculation, Manual S equipment selection & Manual D duct design methods.

Available services include:

  • Residential ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment selection and Manual D duct design prepared with ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) approved software (Wrightsoft™). Specializing in custom, high-end residential homes.
  • Energy code compliance prepared with REScheck™ software
  • Residential & commercial plumbing & gas design (plan view and/or isometric view available)
  • Commercial HVAC/mechanical and plumbing design services available for Arizona & Colorado
  • Radiant heating design

All services performed by:

  • Licensed Arizona & Colorado Professional Engineer
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Why choose us?

You want it done right the first time!

    • With over 20 years of engineering experience in HVAC, plumbing & gas design, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your system will be accurately designed with attention to detail for your particular home. If a design is not done right the first time, your home might not pass permitting review, which would mean delays and, usually, more money.  If it passes permitting review and is designed incorrectly, you might experience overly hot or cold rooms and noisy duct systems.  I design each & every system with the homeowners comfort in mind. Duct systems are designed to be quiet & ultra-quiet systems can be designed as requested (requires larger ducts & registers).  
    • I routinely receive calls and emails from homeowners who had their HVAC system designed by someone else & now they are uncomfortable in their own home. Either the system isn’t heating or cooling their home comfortably or there are noise issues from incorrect & poor design practices. While I try to help homeowners with these issues, the repairs to modify the system & equipment are typically significant in cost. In addition, the builder or HVAC contractor typically won’t cover any of these costs & costly/timely litigation is the homeowners only recourse. If you have the system designed correctly the first time, you can avoid these unnecessary costs.
    • You can easily avoid costly permitting delays with our design reports that meet the building department's design conditions, accurately reflect the building plans and meet the current energy code requirements. Builders & architects routinely ask for my assistance to ensure their project is energy code compliant. 

You want a licensed & insured Professional Engineer to design your heating & cooling system

    • A Professional Engineer is licensed by the state and must meet stringent state educational, experience & testing requirements. Although building departments typically do not require residential Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment selections & Manual D duct designs to be performed by a licensed engineer, wouldn’t you prefer the peace of mind that you had a licensed professional designed your system?  
    • Although I’ve never had to file a claim, I carry professional liability for the client's peace of mind. Unlicensed designers can’t procure professional liability insurance since they are not a licensed professional!  

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