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Mechanical Design Services

    • Room-by-Room load calculations based on ACCA Manual J procedure to accurately size your heating and cooling equipment using Wrightsoft™ software
    • Manual J load calculations can be used for LEED, green building projects & utility rebate programs
    • In-depth experience with Colorado Building Departments and their requirements including Denver, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Englewood, Boulder County, City of Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Timnath, Windsor, Westminster, City of Arvada, Cherry Hills Village, Broomfield, Gypsum, Weld County, Greenwood Village, City of Lakewood, Douglas County, Thornton and Summit County
  • Manual D Duct Sizing - 2-line Ductwork
    • Duct sizing calculations specifying trunk and branch sizes based on ACCA Manual D procedure to accurately size your ducts and deliver the necessary airflow to each room. Reports include duct layout drawing.
    • No one likes a noisy forced-air system. Duct systems and supply/return grilles & diffusers (ACCA Manual T) are sized to keep noise to a minimum. For those seeking extremely quiet systems (recording studios, theater rooms, etc), the duct system, grilles & diffusers can be sized appropriately and with additional noise dampening components.
  • Manual S Equipment Selection
    • Equipment is selected based on ACCA Manual S - Equipment Selection
    • Experienced with Denver ACCA Manual S worksheet requirements for permit
    • Equipment selection: Furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, heat pump mini-splits (VRF systems; ducted & non-ducted), cooling only mini-splits, geothermal heat pumps, high-velocity systems (Unico), boilers, HRVs/ERVs, etc. Heat pump multi-zone mini-splits capacities derated for your climate, elevation & system configuration.
  • Energy Code Compliance Calculation
    • Calculations to determine whether your home meets the relevant energy code using REScheck
  • Residential plumbing & gas design services: Some building departments such as the Englewood, Colorado building department require plumbing & gas for a residential permit. Other residential clients prefer to have the plumbing & gas design completed to ensure the installation is performed correctly.
    • Interior sump pump & sewage ejector design services available (Denver building department requirement)
  • Radiant Heating Residential Design
    • Experienced with Jefferson County radiant heating design requirements for permit
  • Detailed full size mechanical/HVAC drawings

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